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Five Great Things about Last Week

  1. Having Indian with the UTD crew/ having Thai with Joan, Michael
    and Leo. It's nice to get out and have a nice dinner with people and
    Tally be along happy as pie with netflix on a phone. I've been very into
    hanging out this last few months, so I think it makes for a great
  2. Starting Joan's newest baby's blanket. I've been enjoying knitting something different, and the cotton yarn I got is soooo soft.
  3. Having Monday off helped my work batteries recharge.
  4. Our VP came into town. I like weeks where he works in Dallas, makes the office seem like a cohesive unit.
  5. I ate macarons from Sucre. Umph.

Old Memory

Hmm. What I am thinking of right now, is Christmas in Indiana. We only did it once as kids, in all the years of Christmas'
in our house. It took forever to drive there, or at least that is how it felt. James and I rode in the backseat, and tussled the entire trip.
Little did we know, Mom had filled one seat of the backseat with luggage and what not, and had included a bundt cake. We smooshed it bad.

We all slept in the attic, my cousins Victoria, Stephanie, and I, I think. There was a large main room area with a few closets, and beds to sleep on. There were two bedrooms attached to the attic main area, one being the room my dad said my Aunt Margaret lived in when she was a girl and another. My parents took one, and my uncle Daniel and Aunt Maria took the other bedroom. My Uncle Steve and Aunt Becky just lived next door so no need for extra beds for them.

One of the nights and I don't know why, we stayed in a neighbor's house. I remember begging my dad for one of his weird stories. You think he'd make up stories like fairy tales or something, but no, he'd make stories up sentence by sentence. They never made any sense, and they always made me laugh.

My aunt Maria gave me a large doll for Christmas that I still remember, just because it spawned a fight once with my friend Misty.

1/2 Year Update

Or Close enough

  1. Attend a comic art program. Preferably The Center for Comic Studies.
  2. Finish a 30 day drawing challenge.
  3. Complete a comic issue.
  4. Sell a painting.
  5. Sell 5 pieces of jewelry.
  6. Write and illustrate a children’s book.
  7. Enter 3 art juries.
  8. Make a tshirt rug.
  9. Paint a mural.
  10. Copyright my artwork.
  11. Make a crocheted something out of modal yarn.
  12. Pay off my credit card.
  13. Start a savings fund for my kid.
  14. Send my kid to a good private school.
  15. Make a retirement plan. 
  16. Backup all important hard copy of files to Google docs.
  17. Go to a yoga class for an entire month, more than 2 times a week.
  18. Meditate for an hour undisturbed.
  19. Install a bat house.
  20. Create a photographic journal for a day.
  21. Post about five great things every week.
  22. Write down one old memory every week.
  23. Post an outfit every day to a fashion community for a week.
  24. Keep a dream journal for two weeks.
  25. Expand my vocabulary by 100 words.
  26. Identify 50 things that make me happy.
  27. Write a list of 101 goals I’ve already achieved.
  28. Grow a vegetable garden and cook with it.
  29. Grow and maintain a rose bush(s).
  30. Plant a wildflower front yard, don’t mow it.
  31. Plant a tree.
  32. Travel outside the country.
  33. Take my family camping.
  34. Go horseback riding.
  35. Go backpacking in New Mexico.
  36. Go tubing down a river.
  37. Go to Sea World.
  38. Go to 10 new local restaurants.
  39. Go to Dragon*Con.
  40. Take family on a picnic.
  41. Attend a rally.
  42. Have a week of Tiff again.
  43. Make a list of my 50 favorite songs.
  44. Start a campfire from scratch.
  45. Learn to sharpen knives.
  46. Buy a cast iron waffle iron.
  47. Buy a Camelpack
  48. Buy something unique for myself off etsy.
  49. Buy myself flowers.
  50. Go rock climbing.
  51. Maintain a zero inbox.
  52. Own all of the Calvin and Hobbes books.
  53. Register to vote.
  54. Make homemade salsa.
  55. Go to a strawberry farm and pick my own strawberries.
  56. Become first aid certified.
  57. Have a tea party.
  58. Ask 10 people to suggest a book, read them all.
  59. Save $20 for every task I complete. 
  60. No fast food for one month.
  61. Get a concealed handgun license.
  62. Listen to a new album every six months.
  63. Go to bed before midnight every night for a month.
  64. Stay off Facebook for a week.
  65. Donate $5 for every goal I don’t complete.
  66. Bake a loaf of bread.
  67. Make a quilt.
  68. Make a batch of cold porcelain.
  69. Watch an opera.
  70. Make 5 new desserts.
  71. Take an archery class.
  72. Build a Massive lego tower.
  73. Learn the alphabet in sign language.
  74. Learn to juggle.
  75. Give a beta fish to the kiddo.
  76. Print out my wedding photos for an album.
  77. Refinish the coffee tables.
  78. Watch a full season of the old run of Doctor Who.
  79. Improve my posture.
  80. Wear an awesome costume to Dragon con.
  81. Watch Stargate SG-1.
  1. Paint an accent wall in my bedroom. 
  2. Learn to loom knit.
  3. Get another tattoo.
  4. Play Settlers of Cataan.
  5. Take an out-of-state trip to a new place. Matthew and I going to Lafayette and New Orleans covers this I am pretty sure.
  6. Get a new cell phone.
  7. Buy new glasses.
  8. Play in a RPG.
  9. Get a full time job.
  10. Find out my blood type.
  11. Move to a bigger house.
  12. Submit to Offbeat Bride/Mama.  I did this last week. Not sure if they'll ever publish but hey why not.

In Progress
  1. Make five handmade gifts for five people. Working on a baby blanket for Joan's new baby on the way.
  2. Watch 20 movies made before 1980. Just watched Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Really good actually.
  3. Try ten new beers.
  4. Grow my hair out. Really one of the goals that can just be ongoing all the time.
  5. Have a wardrobe of only natural fabrics. I only buy stuff that is cotton, wool or modal lately.

Need to Work On But Keep Failing
  1. Take a photo once a week of the kiddo.
  2. Read a new author once a month.
  3. Paint once a week with the kid. Post results.
I don't have much of an excuse. I just need to get going on this again.

Weekly Update from last week

Five Great Things About Last Week
  1. Anniversary was last week, the 23rd, Sunday. While I was sick for it, and several days afterwards, Matthew came home with Cheesecake Factory for me. Both the act and the food were full of "Daawww" and put a punctuation on the fact that I am glad to be married.
  2. Kiddo's cape arrived, and he was beside himself with excitement. He only wanted to be referred to as Batman for the last week, and wore it everywhere, even the car.
  3. This past weekend Matthew and I took our first vacation since getting married. In a sense, it was a honeymoon, a babymoon and a an anniversary honeymoon all in one. It was fantastic. We went to Lafayette, saw friends, ate delicious food and got fat all weekend. I even got Monday off so we had time to go to New Orleans. Of the things I ate included croissants from PouParts, seafood gumbo from Don's Seafood, and amazing corn and crab bisque from Bonnie's.
  4. We went to the French Quarter and while I woke up in a funk, I felt better after we bought the best hat ever for me. Then we had beignets and drinks at Cafe Du Monde and then we got Matthew a watch. We both drove home pleased as pie.
  5. Final great thing was that I was not nauseous all of our vacation. I returned to being nauseous Monday but that was after most of the weekend.
Old Memory

So an old memory I remembered recently, was actually of church. I attended the same church from before I had memories, until I was 11. It was a Peace Mennonite Church and though I had no idea, a little odd. But one of my oldest memories of it is that I remember once my preschool teacher once put up sheets to make a tent in the baby room, turned off the lights, and let us have a picnic of donuts in there. I don't remember why, probably some silly Bible story exercise. But it's my first memory of tasting donuts and I've been hooked ever since.

Let's get back on the bandwagon

Because I've neglected posting for 8 weeks.

And yes, I did switch from Tumblr to here. Well, not so much switch as add. It seems an easier place for me to write, since on Tumblr I get distracted by the pretty of everything.

Yes, I'm pregnant. Working on week 10. I see my midwife(s) for the first time on Wednesday.

5 Great Things About This Last Week
  1. First paycheck after raise. Nothing to sneeze at, but it mostly just puts the family back at a comfortable area, versus tight budgeting.
  2. Preggie pops. Day saving deliciousness that are way too expensive for tasting like jolly ranchers. They don't make the teeth hurt like jolly ranchers so maybe they're worth the extra money.
  3. Got the kiddo a Halloween shirt and a pirate pretend set. He has been wearing it for 2 days straight now, with his "telescope". Everything is a ship for him to captain at the moment.
  4. I met up with an old old old friend on Thursday. I was nervous for several reasons. One, because I'm unmedicated. Two, because the last time I remember interacting with her involved police and I didn't know if she still held it against me in some ways. Three, was slightly worried she'd be another one of those people that I meet after a long time, and they just seem.. unaware. I don't have any way to describe it other than they seem normal. Even people who are geeky/nerdy will appear this way. Just.. uninterested in their own life? It didn't go that way. Went well, though I think I'm actually less of a hermit than her, which might make hanging out more frequently than once a month hard.
  5. Finally found a shampoo that isn't dandruff shampoo that my scalp likes. A tea tree shampoo from Sprouts. It makes my head feel wonderfuuuul.
  6. Bonuses from week before: hosted the Stitch and Bitch night, went really well. Delicious food all around and I finished Tally's scarf that I knew he wouldn't wear because it's 100% wool. Also tried out reading on a Nook. I think I'd be okay reading on an e-Ink device.
  7. Bonus from week before that: Waffles and B&N with the knitting group. Soooo delicious. And I <3 hanging out with Robin, Cheri and Jenny.

Old Memory

Talking with oldoldold friend, I remembered talking with her at Back Elementary. I remember us being outside, by the metal strips they put down for kids to scrape the mud off, and the random metal hand rails. I remember trying to do what I'd learned in gymnastics class so long ago, which is where you hold your body up and bounce your legs, trying to get to a point where you flip over. Being a wuss, I never did. But I'd found the exercise entertaining and did it on random handrails. Part of being a kid, dumb, and exploring what you can do with your body. I have no recollection of what we talked about.

Weekly Update

Five Great Things About Last Week
  1. We signed on a new house lease. It’s about twice the size, and mostly wooded floors with a huge kitchen with slate tile. It’s beautiful. Not perfect, and not really a place I’d buy, but I am glad to not be looking for somewhere to live anymore. Really glad.
  2. I love my husband. I don’t talk about it much, but sometimes you just lay in bed, and remember how you met and what your first kiss was like… and you feel so young, giddy and idiotic again. I have that feeling every once in a while. Marriage often smothers it with daily life of chasing kid and feeding dogs and not murdering the cat..
  3. My medication finally started normalizing around Friday. That was great. The week before it was .. well. Not Great. I am glad to feel somewhat normal again, not like my brain has had all the wires rerouted through Fucked Up Don’t Care Waking Dreamland.
  4. I had a really fucked up dream where John showed up and I got to punch him for asking me to cheat on my husband. The dream sucked, but the punch was immensely cathartic. That was great.
  5. I saw Only Yesterday and while it is not my favorite Ghibli movie, I would say it is Really. Important. to watch. This movie summarizes a lot of my feelings about my childhood, and growing up. You spend 3/4 of the movie wondering what you are watching and abruptly you suddenly get drawn in and you really feel everything happening to this woman as she tells her story.
  6. Bonus: Watched Winter’s Bone. Fucking epic movie. It hit me hard, because I was suddenly looking straight at my childhood. Not through a lens of nostalgia or fuzzy memories, but straight at it. The cluttered run down yards. Roaming dogs, skinny horses who haven’t been fed. Learning to shoot at plastic cups. While I didn’t live in that world 24/7, being a part of it every weekend made it a memorable part of my life. The movie, it cuts no punches on showing what rural poverty is like. And it is a strangely pro-female movie. All of the movie seems to show how abused, disrespected and run down these women are by their niche of society, and yet this girl refuses to take any of that abuse lying down. She gets kicked around in almost every scene, either emotionally or physically, and she gets back up every day. It’s fucking awesome.

Old Memory

This would have been after I was 7 or 8. We had moved our horses out to Wills Points, beyond the train museum featured in the middle of town. You turned left, and went down a very long road past the huge transformers, and one of many run down trailer homes on a lot with huge pasture fenced in and some run down barns, and there were our horses. The man who lived there had chows. We had to be very careful to not anger these dogs, because they were immensely aggressive and usually chained up. I remember not being allowed out of the van without boots to prevent snake/bug bites. The man in the trailer home did not own the land, just was the caretaker. He has lost a pinky toe at some point. He told me that he lost it to a lawn mower, but being so young, he could have been telling me a story to scare me. There were many many cows in the pastures, and some horses at times, but mostly it was just our horses. Stormy, Request and Red. We went down to the owner’s house down the road sometimes. It was two stories. I have flashes of memories of being outside this house, and that there was a boy there, but not much beyond it. We went there for Easter once. I wore a purple dress and stained it with something. The stain never came out, but my mother still loved that dress on me. She would bring it up for years afterwards.

Red horse loved to lay down in the front pasture and scare my mother by pretending to be dead. She’d just be in shock and she’d whistle at him and he’s just roll up, like Hi. I’m fine. That was funny, right? Red is still buried far back in that pasture, near the river. I remember my father cutting off a piece of his tail for my mother when he died. It stayed in a cardboard box with his lead and halter in her closet for the rest of her life.


5 Great Things About Last Week

  1. I got more cupcakes when we went back out to Gloria’s. Gloria,
    Katherine and John had actually gotten Tally a HUGE BEAR of his own, who
    is now dubbed Mister Bear. Also went home with about 10 more stuffed
    animals. He took in three as his own, I think I’ll just put the others
    up on shelves in his room for the Next Kid. Katherine also gave me a new
    medium sized portfolio book. SO BADLY NEEDED.
  2. My tattoo is healing well. That is a Great Thing. I am very pleased
    at how well it is healing in comparison to the first time. Of course, I
    didn’t SLEEP DIRECTLY ON IT the second night like I did my poor
    shoulder. That helped a lot. As well as washing it several times a day
    the first few days. Seemed to really prevent scab build up and decrease
    the time of Scab. I was all peeled of Scab by last Saturday.
  3. I survived picking up kiddo every day and dropping him off. This is
    also a Great Thing. I survived. I did not kill husband or myself. That
    should be over as of today.
  4. I got to go into the doctor and the optometrist, both of whom gave
    me new things to help me. Doctor prescribed new Category B
    antidepressants. Optometrist solved my “Watering So Badly I Have To Stop
    Driving For Ten Minutes” watering eyes problem as well as possibly my
    inability to drive at night.  I will be getting new I-Zon glasses. It’s
  5. Husband started watching Daria last week, since finding it on Hulu
    Plus? Whatever Hulu’s premium service is. He got a trial account and
    then seriously just started watching as much as possible. I never
    watched too much of it during high school because we didn’t have cable,
    so it was almost all new to me. I really liked it. It wasn’t nearly as
    dour as it initially seemed, a lot of is about why Daria isn’t actually
    alone nor are her parents and sister actually idiots, everyone is just
    very human. I like that. Tired of the “I am smarter than everyone and
    all alone because of this” mentality. You aren’t, and often you are only
    alone because you choose to be. Get over it.

Old Memory

I have a memory of being 5 or 6, and being at my only friend’s house
then. They were video taping us for some reason and I decided to run up
to the front of the camera and start doing my twirly dance while my
friend kinda danced in her own world back then. The parents would like
to then show me the video as I got older, and I got more and more
embarrassed as years went on. Now I know that they were just teasing me,
that I had no reason to be embarrassed and either I was oversensitive
or they were doing that passive aggressive thing where they take down
their child’s friend a notch because they can, cuz their kid is
obviously better. I really don’t know which, because my memories are so
fuzzy of that time. I remember that was the first time her father
jokingly threatened to take a belt to her, and that scared the bejeebus
out of me. My parents had rarely hit me up to that point, and never ever
threatened to actually whip us.

There is a lot of memories of that house, and to be honest not many are very good.

Really late weekly update

Kinda skipped a week. So I’ll try to write out 10 things. >.>

Five Great Things x 2

  1. It was my birthday on Saturday.
  2. I got a tattoo, and not a little or medium one but one bordering on
    large. Did two hours of the outline, will return in 6 weeks to get it
    colored. Was mostly easy to deal with, pain was a little like dealing
    with a deep tissue massage or something. Then he hit the back of the
    knee and I was gripping the table and reaaaaallly concentrating on
    breathing. Still tolerable. Just, not as easy as most of thigh was.
  3. I got brinner, the night we scheduled the tattoo appointment. I <3 brinner.
  4. Have started looking for a new place. That’s been fun.
  5. Got a new porcelain dish set from Mikasa! A really belated but
    appreciated wedding present from Gloria, John and Katherine. Soooo glad
    to be rid of husband’s dish set.
  6. Used new dish set! For tea and curry. I know, not very sane combination but that’s what was on the menu tonight.
  7. I cleaned out the awful outdoor trash bin area. Was full of junk
    like empty bags of dog food and used air filters, and I bagged them all
    up and put them out for tomorrow’s trash. My head feels better having
    that clean.
  8. I am down another two lbs. Now three pounds away from being back at
    pre-injury weight and fitting back into all my clothes. Well I fit into
    my clothes now, but my butt is still a little big to fit in them
  9. Kiddo has bonded with a bear from Gloria and Katherine. He played
    with John, Gloria’s husband, for two hours with about four different
    teddy bears. One of them was the size of a person, I swear on my life.
  10. Sprinkles cupcakes! Had an orange one, a strawberry one and Kate gave me a bite of her key lime pie. Mmm.

Old Memor(ies)

Once I was walking home from Misty’s house, something I’m pretty
certain I wasn’t supposed to do, despite it being one street over. A
really LONG street, but just one street come on. Still, I remember
walking home and then a bug of possible wasps/dragonflies were in front
of our driveway. I had… have a huge fear of flying bugs. I will scream
if they startle me now, and duck and hold down a strict no screaming
policy until whatever it is, is dead. There was a swarm of flying things
right there on the driveway and I just fussed and cried for about five
minutes, wishing they’d go away. Why I didn’t just go around through the
front yard, I don’t even know. It was pretty silly, but is one of those
young idiot memories that is still strong.

Blergh. Do not feel like posting second old memory.

Weekly Update

Five Great Things

  1. I worked from home for the week. I was a little less productive
    than I liked, but my boss was in California so it made no sense to
    stress myself out driving down to Uptown. 
  2. Week of working in pajamas was amazing.
  3. I am feeling energetic enough to start painting/comicking again
    maybe. Tumblr is a great way to just open up the floodgates of the
    internet and ingest new ideas. I have to filter a lot out though, the
    hipstogram-like photos of skinny girls not looking at the camera can get
    really really tiresome.
  4. I dropped 4 lbs finally. All it took was a bottle of cinnamon
    capsules and I suddenly felt a lot more sane, and less like I was a
    balloon someone was adding 6oz of water to each night. Yay controlling
    crazy PCOS blood sugar problems.
  5. Shadowrun is seriously fun.

Old Memory

I was talking with my dad about a problem I had this week, and I
remember the first time I started to learn to stop being a sore loser
when we played card games. I remember very clearly playing this crazily
illustrated SlapJack game with my dad and other people (possibly James).
I could not have been older than 5 or 6, maybe even younger. And I
remember losing, and storming off my room in tears, with my family being
exasperated and lecturing me on the benefits of enjoying the game
versus desperately wanting to win. I went to my room, and I just didn’t
want to be alone while everyone was having fun, and just went back out
and started playing again. And didn’t throw a temper tantrum when I lost
again. (Cuz really, adults versus a 4-6 year old in a slap jack game…).

Cumulative emails in personal email accounts: 31 +19 = 50

Cumulative emails in work account: 44

Obviously I should do some email cleaning out this morning.

Anyways. Back to work.

(pastdue) Weekly Update

Five Great Things

  1. Watched Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind for the first time
    ever. I have to say, I really really really liked it. It is now ranked
    above Totoro and Ponyo, the same as Princess Mononoke, under Howl’s
    Moving Castle and Whisper of the Heart. Yup. It’s wonderful.
  2. I have been discharged from physical therapy! I just continue my
    exercises on my own, just upping the count or weight as I feel I need
    to, in very small increments. Hurray! I have abs of steeeel. Layered
    under fat. 
  3. I shaved Shai, the furry mop dog. It was an accident, as he just
    broke the length guide combs with his fur so rather than getting
    trimmed, I just sheared him. That said, I am picking up far less fur
    everytime I vacuum and the house smells less of “Smelly Dog with even
    Smellier Fur”. And he loves it. Prances all over the house being the
    Cute One. Samantha then promptly has panic attacks about no longer being
    the Cute One. She is now the Pushy One.
  4. We finished our first shadow run mission on Saturday. Matthew is a giant dork but entertaining as a GM. I sold AI Teddy Bears.
  5. Finished crocheting my dice bag. Will post photos of it soon.

Old Memory 

I remember when I was the only one in my bedroom, just barely. I had a
double bed, and my dad would come snuggle with me at night when I
couldn’t sleep from the nightmares. I remember my dad putting in my
bookcase, and I was 4. It was evening, but the sun was not quite setting
so my room was lit with an orange glow. I still have this bookcase, and
it is a really huge bookcase for a 4 year old, but obviously it has
grown with me.